Cathedral Window Moxie

Window to Tomorrow
Cathedral Window Moxie – Window to Tomorrow

If you want to machine sew a Cathedral Window quilt, this pattern is for you.  The Cathedral Window pattern is traditionally created by origami-like fabric folding and entirely hand sewn without batting resulting in a coverlet.  Cathedral Window Moxie is now a bonafide quilt resulting in a quilt sandwich: top, batting and backing.   This pattern uses patchwork techniques with a twist to construct this intriguing design into a wall hanging.

Another variation on Cathedral Window Moxie
Another variation – Window on the Thread of Life

The pattern allows your choice of fabrics for each component of the Cathedral Window and you can sew it entirely by machine or by hand into any size quilt.

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The technique is so easy that my pre-teen daughter made a pillow for one of her friends in an afternoon.


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