Quilting adventure begins

In 2006, I went from corporate to quilting and now enjoy time with my husband, children, family and friends. My mom, through her many contacts, was able to connect me with a quilt guild in the area which has resulted in lots of wonderful new friendships.

Quilters are busy

Today, like many of you, I am member to two quilting guilds and busier than ever. For two years I was Workshops Coordinator for Salon 2010, Montreal’s Quilting Exhibition and editor of Le Journal (a newsletter sent to Courtepointe Quebec – Quebec Quilts members twice a year). Throughout this time was teaching quilting classes.

The Jet-Setter

Kevin and Maria at QuiltMoxie booth at Salon 2010
Kevin and Maria at QuiltMoxie booth at Salon 2010

Kevin and Maria were at the QuiltMoxie booth. We introduced our Jet-Setter pattern at Salon 2010, Montreal’s quilt exhibition. We were very lucky to have so many samples to show as a result of our classroom testing of the pattern. Did we mention that it is available in both French and English?

Quilting is fun

Quilting is so much fun that my hubby, daughter and son (2 of my 3 children) consider themselves quilters. My former sewing room has been transformed to hold a quilting frame and former living room is now referred to as our quilting studio.

We hope that you find your visit at QuiltMoxie fun and inspiring. Many of the patterns that I have created have been classroom tested and perfected by hubby and kids and members of my guilds.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and may you always make time to quilt.

Ariana Hipsagh